Jammers or Speedos

Which of these guys would look much better in speedos?

Speedo Friends at the Beach

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Let me know what you are thinking.....

Dr. Phil

Well, in fairness, I think the non-speedo guy here is the least good-looking of the four, and the three already in speedos are better looking, and not just because of the speedos…but, they help! 😉


True, Dr. Phil . . . the only problem is that the real speedos need to be a higher cut at the sides, say, 1.5 inches or so! This would give a sexy look to the guy as well as accentuate the bulge at the front! Five inch wide sides to speedos really takes a lot of appeal out of them! Sadly . . .

Dr. Phil

I think it can vary pretty widely (if you’ll excuse the pun!) in terms of which cuts looks the best on which guys…there’s an algorithm I have not yet figured out, but I know when I see, in terms of “the wider sides here look better on this guy, the smaller ones there are better for him,” etc.

The two in the middle here are fine, but the guy on the right could use a few inches off, certainly…

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