L is for Lunch Time Sex

Now that I’m back the season here has only 4 or 5 weeks to go and I’m determined to complete the Alphabet Game before the household breaks up and heads off to where ever everyone is going.

So today was Will’s day off – we got up early and went riding.  Coming home for lunch I told Will that L is for Lunch Time Sex.

With that we both jumped into the hottub (which kind of looks over a ski run but the ski run can’t see you unless you are standing on the railing).  I was sure to take up some lube and condoms.  Will was telling me about what the house got up to while I was away and we were both getting horny in our speedos (it is pretty quiet so we weren’t afraid of anyone interrupting us – and we have figured out how to lock the door from the outside).

I reached over and checked Will’s speedos to verify that he was just as horny as I was and I told him to fuck me.  I pulled the bum of my speedos down and bend over with my butt just above the water line.

Lunch sex

Will lubed me and his condom covered cock up and very very slowly entered me.  I was looking out over the ski run at all the people (who couldn’t see Will or my speedos pulled down).  Will didn’t last long and after his final thust he pulled out of me and I fed him my own cock.  Perhaps Will isn’t as good at sucking as Antonio is BUT the best blowjob is always your next one – hehehehe.

We cleaned up and went down for some lunch and hit the slopes for another couple of hrs that afternoon.  Now I’m thinking about M. 


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nothing better than a blow job for lunch


hola baby is fenomenal, I like one hours for you. chao.


wow, you hot and sexy. add my msn jameswilliamse@hotmail.com

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