Lazy Sunday

Sitting at home watching the Broncos and nothing much else planned thus far.

Kip and I had a few big nights to end last week and sleeping in today after a quiet night feels really good!!!

Our threesome worked out great and I’ll tell you guys about it tomorrow.

Enjoy the long weekend guys.

Navy Speedo

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3 Comments on "Lazy Sunday"

Let me know what you are thinking.....


soon this will be Dave on the beach with sand up his crack instead of snow. don’t you have a picture of someone in a “orange” speedo? I wonder if I can rub suntan oil on this guy?


I thought I’d see you post comments on this story.…#ixzz2qV9tbK18


interesting story, “its not the speedo we object to, its the buldge! ” mmmmm and they were white.

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