Love this Speedo

I posted these pics ages ago, I never did find out who made this speedo.  But I do love it!!!

Do you guys have any ideas on who makes this speedo?

Love this SpeedoSpeedoPulling Down SpeedoMan I love this speedo

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Dr. Phil said,  

Ooh…very nice, just as much for those wearing them as the speedos themselves!

I know I’ve seen that design before, but I can’t think of where at the moment…

Tommygunzz said,  

I thought someone reported that it was from H & M. Unfortunately, most of their stuff is only in stores for a short time, so my guess is that this one is long gone if you didn’t pick one up already. Ebay anyone?

Dave Evans said,  


I think you are right, I remember someone saying it was H&M.

I really like them.


JM2013 said,  

It was sold at H&M. I have one in my drawer!

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