Luke, Sans-Speedo

I hope you guys enjoyed the photos of Luke on Monday….

I received an email back from Luke and he is great, he loved that I posted his pics again and said he remembers those times fondly.  Luke graduated from uni/college and is now in London but planning on coming back to Australia in the next 12 months or so.  He did ask that I don’t mention his profession but he has a pretty good job by the sounds of it.  Luke is single and enjoying the single life.  He still loves speedos and swims a couple of times a week and only ever in a speedo.

He thinks he has the speedo that was used in the photo shoot in storage back in Aussie which was kinda of funny.

Well, I started the work week with pics of Luke, why not finish the week off with some more pics of Luke, this time Sans-Speedo.

Of course – blog members can see the entire gallery (110 photos I think).

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Dave, Luke looks even better out of his speedos, but I would have to have the razor at him and clean off all that hair before I sucked him dry.


C’mon Darren. What’s a little hair with a cock like that in your mouth? Luke has one cute bod.

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