Masturbation pic.

Since I have the whole masturbation thing on my mind I’ve found this great masturbation photo.

Gay guy masturbating.

6 Users Responded in " Masturbation pic. "

Zach said,  

poor guy if i was there he wouldnt be so lonely we would be having the wildest sex and i would take the whole of his shaft in my mouth and he could cum in my mouth and i swallow it 4 him

Dyl said,  

I would love to be rich and have him as my naughty pool boy

tamir said,  

Thank you so much! do you have more? please add some more!

yes said,  

i want a person that sexy

bond said,  

So hot and sexy!!

So me some more skin!

j said,  

nice cock would suck it anyday

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