Michael – secudtion of an English backpacker

Time to tell you guys about Michael – the Scotish backpacker I enjoyed while in Franz Josef Glacier.

Michael is just under 6 foot tall, dark haired, 7 inches cut, trimmed pubes and an accent that makes me melt (I think that covers the important things).

I was heading to the main foyer at the backpackers to grab some Sprite to mix with my scotch for my afternoon trip to the beach when I saw Michael walking towards the hot tub. He was wearing a trendy t-shirt, quicksilver boardies, a towel and no shoes. That is when we got chatting – just the general politeness things. I left Michael and went to grab my sprite from the vending machine – I hadn’t mentioned the hot tub and neither had he but I had a plan….

Well it wasn’t much of a plan – I was just going to casually drop by the hot tub on the way back to my room and try and stay there and talk to Michael as long as I could.

So I walked into the hot tub and fortune must have been smiling down on me as Michael was the only one there. I played the dumb ‘Sorry to interrupt card.’ We got talking again and I ended up sitting down on the side of the hottub. I had my back pack with me which contained a bottle of Scotch so I offered Michael a drink which he accepted.

For the next hour the two of us just talked about boring stuff and kept drinking. The hot tub was hot and Michael had to keep getting out of the water and then back into it – he had a nice flat stomach and the only thing wrong was that he has boardies on instead of speedos.

The talk turned to sex, as it always does around me, we were talking about rooting chicks (not really my favourite topic) and I was thinking of how I could turn it around. Michael was saying that he hadn’t any luck with the kiwi girls since he got to New Zealand over 3 weeks earlier. So I started telling him about how I met Nikki and Matt and how I got it on with them both (click here to read about that experience).

Obviously Matt found my story pretty hot and didn’t comment on there being 2 guys there. It was as I got into some of the details that Michael stopped getting out of the hot tub – I was hoping that was because of his growing erection.

Then Michael asked me if I was bisexual…..

More tomorrow guys – tonight is my last night in Franz Josef, I’m driving back home tomorrow whenever I get up. I’ll post when I get home.

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