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Thanks for all the comments on my story about Will guys – keep them cumming.

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This is the third post about this experience with Will.
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Now back to the story…..

So Will and I finally get up to the hot tub. It is coming up to 1am and nobody can bother us in the hottub as it is locked and we climb in from the balcony. I’m wearing what I wore to the party (jeans and a t-shirt) with my black AussieBum’s underneith, Will is wearing a t-shirt and boarding which from past experiences I know he is wearing a pair of navy speedos underneith. And we had 2 rather strong scotches as well.

Navy Blue Speedos

Will took off his shirt and started moving into the hot tub – I had to move quick and dropped my jeans before Will even got his boardies wet. That stopped Will in his tracks. I could feel Wills eyes trying to figure out what I was doing in the small amount of light that was there. But he didn’t say a word (I think he though I was just stripping down to my underwear). I pretended nothing was amiss and took off my shirt – now I was standing above him on the side of the hot tub wearing nothing but my speedos and I was still sporting a semi hard on from all the sex talk in the lounge.

Then came the biggest surprise of the night, Will got out of the hot tub just as I was bending down to pick up my drink…..

Sorry guys – will post more tomorrow. I have just finished this story and it is available to members of They help me pay the bills so they get first looks guys. Cya tomorrow.

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Big Jay

The suspense is killing me, I love your stories! I hope you can get a pic of him sometime for us. Every post short or long gets me hard! If you are down in Ohio for any reason give me a buzz.


Agh!!!! I wanna hear more! To echo the comment above, please get a pic of him sometime. Can’t wait for the conclusion.


Thanks Dave,
A little bit more of the Will story has been good but not enough.
I hope you get to finish it soon. Love the speedos pic.


Hi Dave,
Brillant story top marks to you.I love that pic of the guy in speedos certanily looks a big boy in the front. Dave thers nothing nicer than to seea guy with a manly butt and woodie in speedos.It sure sends me over the edge.
All the best
Adam with his yellow speedos addias.
PS Thanks a millon about that free clip of that hot stud
I was suppose to have gone to the gym but instead had a work out at home. He he he.
Cant wait to see what you look like in your new speedos mmmmmmmm.
Anyhow its off to the beach for adam soon.There is ashop near by where i swim.Will check it out and let you know what brands of speedos they have.


you sure know how to build your readers up to a woody, then leave them dangling for more! hopefully, just hopefully, you’ll get to post a pic of will so we can see just how lucky you are!

ten and cut

I think he wants U!

Check out