More pics of Stu

Since you guys liked him so much I’m posting some more pics.

Aussie speedos.Aussie speedos.Aussie speedos.Aussie speedos.

Now guys the entire gallery of Stu in his silver speedos in available on my site.

If you haven’t seen it already I suggest you check it out. I spend way more time updating the site than I do the blog and there are now over 10gig of movies which you can download from there.

Thanks guys –

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Carl Moeser said,  

Yep! You are right! I love Stu. YUMMY

imphaldiary said,  

I suppossed I have to check out “your site” since you have been mentioning it for the last two post. Will give you a review of “your site” afterwards.

Mark said,  

This guys pics appear on – just thought you might like to pass that info on. He’s a hottie!

Ron said,  

Very few places where you can go which have pictures of ‘Stu’.

I don’t know how he manages to be a resident of so many cities around the world at the same time.

Dave Evans said,  

Ron – I know what you mean mate. I’ve spoken to ‘Stu’ on MSN a few times (he sent me the entire foto shoot) and I’ve seen some photos of him just hanging around in Melbourne.

However, I share your scepticism as I’ve lined up 2 foto shoots for ‘Stu’ which he didn’t show.

I’ll keep trying and they are hot pics.


You're Gonna Get Sued said,  

Pedro, AKA ‘Stu’ has been informed that he is being protrayed as a homosexual!!!

Ryan Kastl said,  

Thank You

david said,  

dave can you post the photos of stu that u talked about he is so hot and i can’t believe he lives in melbourne i will have to find him

D said,  

hahahhha, use r funny as, this guy lives in usa and hence…. would be a tosser.

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