More Purple Speedos

Here are some more purple speedos to follow up on my post last week.

I had a crazy well behaved weekend but that also means that I am no super horny because I didn’t do anything naughty.

This week I think I’ll have to get up to something fun.

Speedo Model in Purple SpeedoPurple Arena SpeedoPurple Brief SpeedoPurple Speedo Close Up

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


Gotta to love those purple suits. Had to get mine on and head to the ocean for my rough water swim.


I’d drop to my knees for the stud in the Arena speedos – the one in the second pic from the top.

Dave Evans


His name is Chris Geary. He is a guy from the UK who has been around for years.

When he first started out he was quite thin but because of some health issue with his chest he was advised to bulk up and he looks great!!!

A long time speedo advocate.




Wow, thanks, he’s really built in this picture. I do remember Chris Geary well, and recall him being very skinny. I didn’t realize there was a health issue. He looks great either way!


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