Mowing the Lawn in Speedos

I think the idea of mowing the lawn in speedos is awesome.

At my house here I walk around in speedos and I’ll walk down to the water for a swim in speedos but I’m not sure I’d mow my little patch of front lawn in speedos.

Mowing the Lawn in Speedos

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


I m gonna mow the grass today. but it is way too cold for a speedo mow. but I can wear one underneath some pants, then jump in the Hot Tub after.


I’ve mowed my back yard wearing a brief on occasion, but it is very secluded, and I was on a rider, so I don’t know if that counts?

But then, wearing a speedo standing up or sitting down is still invigorating….


Mowing a lawn without protective footwear?
How dangerously reckless can you be?

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