My ADIDAS Speedos

Just about to head off to the pool for a Friday morning swim and thought I’d show you guys what speedos I’ve been wearing lately.

I’m a huge fan of the ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos and a few months ago someone emailed me telling me where to find some with red and blue on the hips and I immediately bought 2 pairs of them.  Turns out they aren’t lycra and the sides are a bit thicker than my previous 3-stripe speedos which is a bit of a shame.

On the positive side though, they are made of a heavier material and are super durable.  This has turned out great and I’ve been wearing them a bunch and pretty much every day I’m at the pool.

So if you are in Breck keep an eye out for me and maybe a wind down back at Kip’s place in his hottub could be in order.

My Speedos

This should be enough motivation to keep me swimming…..

My ADIDAS SpeedosADIDAS Swim Brief

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


where can i buy some for myself


I apologize, but please. Another post about “My Adidas Speedos”. Really? How about another tired post about your Aussiebum Portseas? Geezus

Jimi Paradise

Love that model! 😛


What an ass! You know, if Tommygunzz doesn’t like the posts then he can go start his own speedo website. It’s your site Dave. Talk about whatever you want!


Do you dress up or down in the adidas trunks, Dave? I find that if I dress down, the crotch bit doesn’t cover me – it’s too narrow. Maybe I just have big balls…


Hey Dave,
I didnt see where you got those Adidas 3 stripes. Can you share the site.

Check out