My Aussie Flag Speedos

I promised that I’d show you guys a pic of Kip’s Xmas presents.

We are the epitome of ‘Speedo Nerds’.

I bought 2 pairs of these Turbo speedos and they are the first Turbo’s that I’ve ever owned.  They brand themselves as a waterpolo speedo and they seem really heavy duty.  The material isn’t lycra but it is shiny and has a nice feel like lycra – perhaps someone from Turbo is reading this and can email me the details.  The sizing is a little bit different though – at the same time I bought a pair of Arena lycra speedos of the same size – they Turbo’s are considerable smaller and being a more heavy duty material, they don’t stretch as much either.  Next time I’ll go a tiny bit bigger than my usual size.

If any of you guys own Turbo speedos please leave a comment and let me know how you found them.

A quick note on – I made some changes just over a month ago.  Many old members accounts were deleted in the clean out which sucks, I tried to avoid it but if I didn’t do something then I was going to have to shut it down.

It is a free forum and to keep the spammers out you have to register.  When you register, email me your new username and I will activate your account.

I can only activate the accounts when I get the email, unfortunately I don’t sit checking that email account 24/7 so you’ll be activated when you get activated.  If I missed you just shoot me another email – stuff gets lost in junk email and all sorts of stuff.

On a positive note – is better than ever and there is a great group of guys over there.

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12 Users Responded in " My Aussie Flag Speedos "

beerdoc_colorado said,  

i like where the star is placed on the aussie flag. ahh yes is that the milliennium Falcon lego ?

Darren said,  

I like the two guys in the third pic. Just my size of speedos, big enough to cover all that is necessary, but small enough to be interesting.

hellohello said,  

I own turbo swimmers for polo. The reason they’re smaller is so it’s harder for them to get grabbed by the other team to put you off. Doesn’t stop me from trying though 😛

Hungspeedoguy said,  

The Speedo Forum is offline 🙁

Dave Evans said,  


Thanks mate – I was busy all day yesterday and didn’t see it. Kip will fix it this morning.


wolfguy007 said,  

Wish we could get those here in South Africa, I know a few that would love to get these for fun purposes, if you know what I mean hehe 😛

dd-bos said,  

Thought we were going to get to see a pic of Kip IN the Turbos….

Anonymous said,  

where can i get a pair please?

swimmerboy722 said,  

Those are sweet! Wish we could see you guy in them, even if it were just your lower halves…. 😉

Anonymous said,  

please dave can u tell me where you got them from please please please

Erik said,  

Dave would you please be able to tell me where i can get a pair cause i really want some.

thanks alot 😉

Ste said,  

Nice trunks. It’d be great to get a pair!

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