My new camera (hopefully)

The photographer I had organised for Tim (click here to read about Tim and see 2 pics of him in his speedos) has piked on me so if I can afford it I’m going to go to Melbourne in October and take the foto shoot myself. Definitely a great thing BUT I was keen to see some more of Tim before then.

Ow well. But since my camera died AGES ago I’ve been looking around at a new 2nd hand one on ebay. This is the camera that I’ve come up with so far.

Its pretty sweet and I can use it as a webcam which is something I really want to do. But I need all the support I can get guys so please join my site (

Here are some pics of the camera.

Camera used to take pics of hot gay guys.
Porno shoot camera.
Photos and movies of guys fucking.

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


thats a cool camera. A friend has it


Hi Dave,

Thtas a nice camera.I will rally the troops to join your site dave.
As you do such a good job with this blog.

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