My New Speedos

OK guys, here they are.

A classic Adidas 3-stripe and a pair of Turbo’s with an Aussie feel to them.  I think I will go and do some laps at the local pool in the ADIDAS speedos but I’m not sure I will go wearing the Aussie ones…. maybe I should and see what happens.

Just imagine the gay speedo action that these two pairs of speedos are going to see over the coming weeks!!!!

If you are a blog member, I will be posting some pics of me wearing these in the next couple of days.  I really appreciate those guys who join and this will be a little nugget for them to enjoy as a sign of my appreciation.

You can join now, it is only $5 – click here.

My Speedo PackageMy New Speedos

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


I like the ‘roo’ . Are they large enough to hide your big koala? Colors are great. Don’t see why you can’t wear them to swim laps.

Dr. Phil

Those are great, Dave! I love blue (and black) and yellow, Aussie-themed or not!

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