My Speedo Luggage

As you guys read this I’m probably up over the Pacific ocean somewhere.

I wanted to let you know know what speedos I have packed for this trip.

  • Red Arena (for naughty as well as lap swimming if I get a chance)
  • Red AussieBums (I got to fuck Alex in these two red speedos and Kip doesn’t have a pair of red speedos in his collection)
  • AussieBum Portseas (there is so much history with these speedos I can’t leave them behind, they are a little small on me so they will be perfect for a ‘speedo only’ party which Kip has told me he is organizing).
  • White Arena (these are really small and intended for use in the bedroom and as a surprise when Kip, or any other cute American guys take off my jeans).

I’ve also ordered 2 pairs of speedos that should arrive about the same day I will…. can anyone guess what I ordered?  It is such an open ended question I will offer a 12 months membership to if anyone can guess (just leave a comment).

My Speedos

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


I like the stars and stripes below. but an aussie flag would look good also!


oh I have (2) other ideas. Do they make a Bronco orange speedo? or that really nice snowy mountain scene you had posted awhile ago.

Dr. Phil

I’m thinking the brand is Turbo, and the color? Not red, white, and blue, because that’s too easy…but perhaps red, white, or blue.

Am I close? I know you’re adventurous, but I just don’t see these ones you’ve ordered being green, yellow, pink, or orange; and, I think that black would be a bit boring…

Unless they are either a black or navy blue Adidas three-stripe…perhaps even a black one with red stripes, in the latter case.

Am I close on that, either? 😉

Dr. Phil

If only “speedo clairvoyance” was a skill that could be monetized! 😉

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