Nearly midday in Vancouver

Been sitting here at the airport for an hour now and only 1 more flight to go.

I slept a little on the flight over the movies weren’t too bad – I’ve got a good battery life on my laptop so I got to catch up on some offline work.

Will is good and slept lots on his flight – he is pumped and he looks are cute as always.  This bit right now is probably the hardest part of the trip with a 3hr or 4hr wait for a 1hr flight.  Once we land it is a 45minute drive up to our new condo.  I just checked the weather and it is snowing so its going to be very pretty.

Couple of nasty comments following my last post hey – I’ve had my way with a few married men obviously a touchy subject for some of you guys.  The part of the story that I did leave out what that I had showered twice this week with Tom at the pool and although there wasn’t anything heated in the showers we both got rather comfortable with each other in close quarters in speedos.

I think he had a good time – I hope without the alcohol the next morning he didn’t regret it.

Well I’m off to grab some Pizza – yes there is a Pizza Hut in the domestic terminal at Vancouver,  it is upstairs next to the Starbucks.

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Hi Dave,

Enjoyed my visit to your blog very much. I don’t think there is
such a thing as a str8 guy. Only guys who lack imagination 😉


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