New AussieBums

Two weeks ago I got my new AussieBum’s – I’m not sure how I forgot to tell you guys as I’ve been wearing them pretty much constantly since I got them.

One of the pairs I got was a black jockstrap – I had one of these a while back (my first ever jockstrap) but I’m not sure where it got to so I thought I’d grab another one.

Unfortunately, I don’t fill it out quite as well as this guy but I love wearing it…. now all I need is for someone to order me onto my all-fours and use that design benefit of a jockstrap to fuck me with my underwear still on.

Happy thoughts…..

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Dr. Phil

I’ve got one of those, and was actually just wearing it the other day! Small world! (In a manner of speaking!) I love it…though I wish I had someone to show it off to as well…


Please! Please! more of this boy!!!!!!!!!!

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