New speedos are close!!!

My new white speedos will be ready by Wednesday next week – perhaps even as early as this Friday!!!

These are the speedos which are being made for me which are lycra (the most amazing lycra I have ever felt), they are white and they don’t have any lining. I’m super excited about getting these out there and it has been 10 weeks since all the paperwork for this first product run was signed.

There are a restricted number of pairs and you can find out how to get them right here.

Along with all the work involved with these new speedos I have been researching flights and accomodation for Canada – I’m tossing up (and off – hehehe) about whether I move into a 3+ bedroom condo with a bunch of other people or if Will and I get our own pad. Our own pad would be kewl BUT being in a big house is always fun and much more social. I’ll keep you guys posted and if I have a choice between 2 places I’ll be sure to ask for your feedback.

Here is what the new line of speedos look like….

DESwimwear - White Speedos Front
DESwimwear - White Speedos Bum

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