Next Speedo Model – Applicant 1

You guys might know and the members of my site know that I’ve got a new photographer working for me and he has been wonderful to work with.  I’m lining up a new shoot next month which I’m really looking forward to.

I’ve posted over a pair of Aqux speedos and a pair of Turbo Australian Flag speedos.  I ordered these a little while back and they were just a little too small for me, Aqux only make them tiny being Japanese speedos and the Turbos were close to the right fit but being a waterpolo speedo there wasn’t the usual give compared to a lycra speedo – and I recently noticed that Turbo sizes are one size smaller than normal.  Might as well put these two speedos to use.

My idea for the shoot is for the two guys to be wearing these speedos with a lot of making out.

I’m open to any ideas from you guys and members as well of course.

This week I’ll be posting some pics of the 3 new model applicants.  Let me know which guys you like.  All three are hot, I like this guy but I’m not a huge fan of the tattoos.

Speedo Model - Aqux Speedos

4 Users Responded in " Next Speedo Model – Applicant 1 "

joe price said,  

that is the best.

Dr. Phil said,  

Having seen the two posts thus far, I’d have to say: “no” on #1, and “maybe” on #2. I like #2 better, but #1 here looks like he’s about to fall asleep. Not “bedroom eyes,” but instead “NyQuil” eyes, which isn’t that attractive, in my opinion…

Sorry. 😉

Anonymous said,  

I’d say no to this guy. He looks bored.

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