Next Speedo Model – Applicant 2

This is the 2nd applicant for my new speedo model.  It is going to be a shoot with 2 guys so let me know if you think he could be the one.

Those speedos are the Aussie Flag Turbo speedos that I sent to the photographer – they were a little bit small for me but fit him perfectly.  Let me know your thoughts.

Click here for the post of applicant 1.

Speedo Model - Aussie Turbo Speedos

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3 Comments on "Next Speedo Model – Applicant 2"

Let me know what you are thinking.....


He is a definite yes! Would love to see more of him & that suit.


Definite YES!!!

Dolores McNamara

I can’t tell. The model’s obscuring the speedos. Perhaps you could tell the photographer to have the model pull them up and move his hands back?

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