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Although I don’t understand all the nuiances of American Football (NFL) I have come to enjoy watching it and I think I’ve got most of the rules down pat.

One rule which I wasn’t aware of is that you can’t watch a game while wearing speedos.

These two guys striped down to their speedos during the weekends Miami Dolphins game (it must be a lot warmer in Florida than it has been up here lately).

Good on these guys for speedo’ing it up, what a shame that they were told to put their shorts back on.  And that guy with the full beard has a smoking body!!!!

Where is the weirdest place you’ve speedo’d it up?

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Dr. Phil said,  

Oh, indeed–we wouldn’t want anyone to have the thought that all the guys in the black eye makeup and tight pants that only come to their knees running around bent over and tackling each other out on the field lit up with more lights than a Broadway show to have their “manliness” undermined by a couple of guys in speedos, who aren’t even going swimming or diving, because that’s just soooo gaaaay

*sarcasm off now*


DeepKisser said,  

I was in the Orlando, FL area that day, it was like 85 and sunny…perfect speedo weather. So the guys were just getting a tan. no shirt with the standard shorts probably would be no issue. I’m sure they figured others would strip to their underwear.

Jake said,  

Both hot, but damnnn, the guy with the beard is a total stud!! Beautifully proportioned body. I get so superficial when I see a body like that. Just wow :p

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