Nice bulge (can anyone pic the beach?)

Nice speedo bulge pic – man this is a great pic.

Can anyone pic the beach? I think I know what it is – Sydney beach I think.

I’ve had a few to drink and feeling generous – first person to guess the beach wins free membership to ‘my site‘ until the New Year.

Speedo bulge pic.

7 Users Responded in " Nice bulge (can anyone pic the beach?) "

BigGuyPS said,  

Forget the beach – can’t see it for the bulge! Yum!

Terence said,  

Well it ain’t Sydney’s Obelisk Bay, otherwise he’d be nekkid 🙂

That Powerade Lemon Lime is going to his crotch!

I’ll say Camp Cove in Watsons Bay?!?

Dingo said,  

It’s Bondi Beach.

Visitor said,  

kings beach

greg said,  

is it maroubra? cronulla? palm beach? if it was cronulla there’d be 450 police in the picture

brian said,  

its it manly beach

adam said,  

Hi Dave
It is manly beach love the bulge nice xmas treat

Dave Happy Christmas

adam xx

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