On the beach white speedo

Just a quickie guys (I’d love a real quickie right now).  I’ve been flat out all day working and I’ve had no time for fun at all – I’m just about to chill out and watch some of my favourite gay speedo movies (Swim Meat – you know the one with the entire team in blue speedos who get up to some naughty stuff).

Well I saw this pic posted on the WhiteSpeedos.com forum today and I thought I’d share it.

Tomorrow night I’m going out on the town for my first time since arriving in Queenstown.  And considering how horny I am these days I’m up for ANYTHING.

White speedo guy.

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DJ Lng said,  

I can not beleive that I have been reading this blog for a about a year now and totally forgot tto send you pics of me in the speedo that i bought last summer. you can see the pics here:
http://djlong.blogspot.com/2006_05_01_archive.html I am wearing the blk speedos



That’s my fantasy guy DAVE! He is the sort of guy I’d
love to fool around with.! Just perfect in every way!
Thanks DAVE! Any more white speedo hunks?

Dave Evans said,  


Love those pics mate!!!

If you email them to me I’d love to post them here with your permissions.


LAC said,  


I was surfing and came upon your site which litterally ROCKS! wow! I’ve never been that turned on by seeing dressed up guys (well…you get what i mean! ;)…
I live in Mauritius, so if you want one of the best beaches in the world, you better come here,and let me know!

Adam said,  

Ohhh Dave – so wish I could help you out!
Don’t doubt you’ll get laid soon tho m8!

T said,  

Wow, he is just so sexy

Tony said,  

OMG!!! Blond, tanned, smooth, great smile, and a speedo? Why didn’t someone tell me that an angel has landed on this Earth? Thanks, Dave for sharing the photo….I still have hope of meeting my angel on earth. Love your stories and photos!

Tony said,  

wow, what great toes….yeah, i was looking at those, huh?

Volker said,  


Are your pics in the Aussibums going to be as good or better than the guy you’ve shown??? Looking forward to seeing them!

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