On the road.

Right now I’m stealing wireless net connection from someone.

I’m in a condo complex in Vancouver – boarded Whistler today which was perhaps the best I’ve ever skiied Whistler EVER.

The guys I’m staying with I met 3 years ago and they have gone a but pussy (in Austrlian we’d say they have gone to custard).

I brought these guys a tonne of liquor in exchange for looking after me and none of them are drinking at all – so I’m staying up late to do some site updates and a blog update and trying to consume as much of this grog as I can (I paid for it after all).

Obviously since everyone else is in bed I ain’t going to get any of these str8 boys drunk enuf to have some fun with.

Talk more tomorrow night when I get home guys.

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Tu Cong Van

Very interesting blog and all the pics are great. I can’t blog about gay life in Viet Nam even I want too.
Thanks for sharing, keep up the great work.


can you post horny guys wearing speedos?

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