Packing for my trip.

Well I’ve spend the last couple of hrs getting stuff ready for the road trip to Queenstown.

I’ve filled the car up with petrol, I actually cleaned the inside, I waxed up my snowboard, I shaved my pubes (hehehe) and I’m just about to pack my bag.

The hotel I’m staying at (click here to see their website) has a communal hottub as well as 2 ‘private’ hottubs which you can rent for 45 minutes.

Can you guess what my plan is?

So I’m not going to pack my dork shorts (board shorts) and just pack speedos. I’ll pack enuf for all 5 of us and see how it goes.

I’m taking my laptop so I’m sure I’ll be able to get some wireless somewhere to keep you guys up to date with what is happening.

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