Packing my speedos

Just finished packing for Fiji – I’m leaving here for the airport in about half an hour.

I am soooo excited!!! 2 days ago I didn’t even think I’d be getting to hang out in the sun in my speedos.

The main thing for me to pack is my speedos – I’m taking 4 pairs.

– My favourite black speedos with ‘Speedo’ on the back of them in yellow.
– 2 pairs of AussieBum Classic – navy and black.
– My pair of AussieBum Coolabah’s (more for sex than swimming)

Patrick has a great speedo collection himself and his email this morning listed the speedos that he is bringing….

– Black speedos
– White classic aussiebums
– Red speedo rubber waterpolo suit
– AussieBum Club – the blue and white ones not sure what they are called.
– AussieBum Jockstrap – 1 black and 1 white

Patrick is really excited and in his email said that there wasn’t anyone he could think of who he’d like to ask and have as good a time.

I’ve been thinking about how we introduce ourselves to people on the island…. Boyfriends works I suppose since Patrick is only 15yrs older than me and he looks great so the sugar daddy thing isn’t too obvious. I’ve never been away for a week with a boyfriend before so I’m not used to the idea.

I better get going guys – I’ll try and post again tonight from Fiji in my speedos (I’m wearing my navy blue AussieBum’s right now).

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