Party night tonight

I did have a quiet one yesterday guys – hehehe. Head was a little sore and I ended up just sorting movies for my site.

Will is very hot indeed and all the housemates ended up in the hot tub around midnight. Nothing hanky panky just yet but it seems so far that Will doesn’t mind wandering the house without his shirt. I haven’t noticed any speedos yet but I’ll be keeping an eye out.

The last couple of days I’ve been running into tonnes of people I know from last year and tonight is going to be a huge party at one of the staff houses. No guys that I’ve hooked up with but there are 2 girls that I hooked up with last year (not at the same time) so I’m not going to wank today just incase – hehehehe. Maybe I can bring a girl home and Will and I can share her.

I’m back to some work. How how is that model Stuart that I posted yesterday?

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