Phenominal Response

I turned the comments back on 48hrs ago and I’m just stoked about the response – thanks for all the great comments guys!!!  I enjoy the time I spend working on the blog and when I get a response like that it really puts be back in my seat at how much you guys enjoy it.

Another phenominal response has been to my new white speedos.  Although I don’t have any model shoots for them yet (they are coming I promise) more than half the stock is gone since they launched 4 days ago.  There is still stock available without the logo on the bum in all sizes but at this rate I expect them to be gone by the end of the month.  Thank you guys for your support and over the coming days the orders should start arriving and I’m keen to hear what you guys think.

I’m leaving for Canada this Saturday and in the next 24hrs I have to make a decision on what kind of accommodation Will and I get.  Right now I have 2 options…..

The first option….
Will and I get a 1 bedroom unit.  The building is pretty kewl,  has a squash court,  hot tub and swimming pool.

The second option….
A 3 bedroom condo.  We would have to get room mates and Will and I would share a room.  This option has a semi private hot tub (it is shared with 2 other units but from what I heard from the people who rented this last year it is effectively a private hot-tub except for the holiday weekends).

I’m personally leaning towards the 3 bedroom condo – meet more people and Will and I will get to choose our room mates which could be fun – hehehehe.  Do you think it would be too much to request a speedo clad photo with all applications?

I’m keen to hear what you guys think.

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