Phenominal Response

I turned the comments back on 48hrs ago and I’m just stoked about the response – thanks for all the great comments guys!!!  I enjoy the time I spend working on the blog and when I get a response like that it really puts be back in my seat at how much you guys enjoy it.

Another phenominal response has been to my new white speedos.  Although I don’t have any model shoots for them yet (they are coming I promise) more than half the stock is gone since they launched 4 days ago.  There is still stock available without the logo on the bum in all sizes but at this rate I expect them to be gone by the end of the month.  Thank you guys for your support and over the coming days the orders should start arriving and I’m keen to hear what you guys think.

I’m leaving for Canada this Saturday and in the next 24hrs I have to make a decision on what kind of accommodation Will and I get.  Right now I have 2 options…..

The first option….
Will and I get a 1 bedroom unit.  The building is pretty kewl,  has a squash court,  hot tub and swimming pool.

The second option….
A 3 bedroom condo.  We would have to get room mates and Will and I would share a room.  This option has a semi private hot tub (it is shared with 2 other units but from what I heard from the people who rented this last year it is effectively a private hot-tub except for the holiday weekends).

I’m personally leaning towards the 3 bedroom condo – meet more people and Will and I will get to choose our room mates which could be fun – hehehehe.  Do you think it would be too much to request a speedo clad photo with all applications?

I’m keen to hear what you guys think.

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


You could always try and slip the speedo thing into the roommate application process – you never know what may happen! You could just tell them that you will be spending a lot of time walking around in little more than speedos and gauge the reaction…

Big Jay

I like Jason’s idea, not only because thats my name. That would be fun to choose
them and see if they like the speedo idea. Dave again I love the site and can’t
wait to get my DES speedos!! 🙂


Take option 2 and go for the speedo clad pictures with applications.
You can make it a Speedo only condo!
What an Idea!


Where abouts in Canada are you visiting??


Such a shame you are leaving the country. Was hoping some day we might meet and you could give me feedback on my Aussiebums… 😉
Have a great time in Canada!


Forget the holiday, I am still waiting to hear about you and Tom….


Dear Dave,

I have known about your website a few months now and I just had to join last Sunday.
I simply love your website and I really hope things go well with you and Will.
Will sounds like an innocent beautiful guy and from your stories I can tell he looks up
to you for guidance. I know you care a great deal from him, and it would be nice to get REAL
close to him.

If you didnt respect Will so much I dont think you would care about accomodation. I go
against the grain and get a private room with Will. Who knows, he may have loving feelings
for you. True love is hard to find. Look after him Dave. You have the opportunity for growth
and something very special.

Keep up the good work! Robert, Adelaide, South Australia.


No Way!!! Cut the lovey dovey crapy out of it. Hardcore, group sessions… That’s what I say. All the way Dave! As many people as possible, hand out invitations (only to Speedo wearing, guys with great bodies and cocks to match) and maybe to some bikini wearing girls, just for the kitsch factor, and they can watch all the men go for it!!!

Group room all the way my man!
And start taking applications, photos a must.


PS – Where should I send my application to?


Oh, by the way… If it wasn’t completely obvious by my last post, I think you should take the second option. If you don’t get any (extra) action out of it, you at least get the shock factor of room-mates, when two guys walk out a room where ‘strange noises’ were emanating from, or perhaps just walking around in your speedos all day, with a raging hardon, much to the surprise of your housemates, settling in the eat their evening meal…. Ha ha! Awesome.

Think of the possibilities…
Keep them all guessing, that’s what I say!

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