Planning to fuck a str8 guy

I haven’t been on MSN to talk to you guys much and there haven’t been too many comments about my holiday/escort trip to Mexico – I’m really keen to hear what you guys think so please leave a comment on what you think.

The Alphabet Game is still stuck on ‘I’ for me and after 2 days of riding with Ian and hanging out with him pretty much every minute except for when we are sleeping I think I can nail him – hehehehe.

Here is my plan – Ian really likes Amy.  I like Amy too but she is a little too much of a slut and hence why I probably like Julie a bit more socially but I’d prefer Amy as a fuck buddy.  Amy finishes work tomorrow afternoon and then she is babysitting some rich peoples kid for 2 days while the parents go off to a nearby ski resort.  So Amy gets to live in one of the nicest penthouse apartments in town looking after 2 little kids.

The plan therefore is,  once it is late enuf that Amy has all her babysitting duties done,  Ian and I are going to go over to this awesome condo and fuck Amy’s brains out.  During which I’ll suck Ian’s cock thus ticking off I in the Alphabet Game.

Ian,  from what I know,  is completely straight but is one horny guy.  He talks about chicks and sex all the time and I have seen that he isn’t all talk (unlike most people I’ve met who talk it up as much as he does).  I’m just hoping that he’ll be horny enuf not to worry about me sucking him off while Amy does something else to him at the same time.

Having Ian wear speedos shouldn’t be too hard – he did his bronze medallion with me growing up and he always wore speedos under his wetsuit or boardies.  The pic below could have been the two of us.

Hot gay arse

Fingers crossed guys.

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