Planning to have Will fuck me.

I’m back home guys (drove for bloody ages last night).

Will had to work early this morning so I didn’t get the welcome home reception that he received last week but I’ve got some scheming to do before he gets home this afternoon (around 2pm).

It has been months now since I had a guy fuck me and I am getting a craving for that feeling again. So this afternoon I’m going to see what I can do to get Will to do it. He is a little tentative on the idea, sucking cock and making out with another guy he can handle as being bisexual but he thinks that having anal sex makes you ‘gay’.

I’d love to hear any ideas you guys have (post a comment as I’ll check them out later today).

Here are some of my favourite anal sex photos from ‘my site‘.

Gay anal sex photo.
2 guys having anal sex.
Anal sex in the pool wearing speedos.

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


Hey Dave,
I’m not an X-Files fan, but I saw one episode (I think it was one of the first series), where in David Duchovny came out of the pool in a red speedo. It’s like you could see his whole dick pointed to one side. It looked massive. Would you or any of your readers/members have a pic/video of that?


get him drunk. never fails.

good luck, and have fun.. and for gods sake let us know what happenes.


Good luck getting Will drunk Dave. Say, have you recieved the photos for the Speedo Tanline Competition yet?


Hey Dave…good luck man…only just saw the post so you may ahve already done the deed with Will. Hope it works out cool but remember go easy on the guy as he is having to take a lot in in having gay sex so u don’t want him to get too frekaed by it all and move out. Am sure you got it all covered. Can’t wait to hear about it…..cheers man Tommo

Big Jay

I would say getting drunk will help, if he maybe is not sure, ask him if he has ever done it that way to a girl. If he has just let him know it is the same thing and doing it to her was not gay so why would it be to you. It is the same hole she has back there. Does that make sense, that line has worked for me before with a curious str8 guy?.


Hi Dave,
Well dave just get him to do it to you.. you have a lot of tenacity
wounld it help if i sent my tyr speedos black with white and red stripes on the side.Go for it dave with will he wounld proably enjoy it.
I know the feeling you are talking about i got it on sunday with a guy herein wellingtonmmmmmmmmm.

Have fun
PS like those anal pics.


I’ve been away for a while, I come back to your blog, and WHAT? – you’re getting it/have gotten it on with Will the AFLer. Still up to your evil ways, DE. HA!!!



Terrence – good to see you back here mate. In the next week or so I’m going to order things a little better so should be easier to keep up with things without having to come here everyday.

Feel free to use any of the pics in this post on your blog mate.


Hi Dave,

I hope you do get booty.But i meant to ask you if you counld possibble let me know and i am sure the other guys know of your measurments.How big is your chest, around your waist,and your thighs.PLEASE.
Have a good week end
ps off to the gym soon


hey dave

you’ve got even supporters from europe. am sitting here in my aussiebums and you should know even in denmark you will find us speedos!!!



You could always incorporate it into a threesome with Julie, assuming that it might turn her on…


Tell him that in the middle east, the guy on top reallyisn’t considered gay.

speedo mad

more great pics of young stuart he,s to die for.keep up the good work

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