Playing in speedos

Another day in the rockies here guys – working away and hopefully by this time tomorrow Kip and I will have spent some time on the forum which is working out as an amazing place for guys to discuss speedos.

Tonight is going to be a quiet one – Kip is cooking some salmon for dinner and we are going to eat it while watching the first 3 Saw movies. I’ve seen them but Kip hasn’t so hopefully we’ll get to ‘hold’ each other… what we will be holding should be quiet obvious.

I was going through some old pics and found some of guys messing about in speedos. These first three guys look like they would be great fun to hang out with.

Black Speedo

This look like heaven in a speedo if you ask me.

Pool Speedo

Now this pic was posted on the forum a couple of days ago. What is with the speedo erection on the guy 2nd from the left. If a mate of mine was wearing a black speedo and had an obvious erection like that one then I’d be asking him back to my hotel room for sure.

Speedo Erection

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I wish people wouldn’t make as big a deal as they do if a guy starts to get aroused while wearing swimwear. It embarrassing enough as it is. we all know what’s going on because it’s happened to all of us.

The reason I comment is I swim quite a bit and I’m 18. I decided to do a search on speedos to see if people really notice or look or comment if a guy is in a speedo and he starts to get aroused. It looks like they do. Anyway, I used to have to wear a speedo to swim on my high school team and glad that’s over with.

. It seems people probably did notice me or my team mates. I know we saw it, but we were looking from a shorter distance.

enjoy the day guys

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