Police Speedos

Someone over on the SpeedoForum.org posted pics of some Police Speedos that he recently purchased.

I hear there has been some police trouble over in the US, just imagine if cops wore these, I’m sure people would be much nicer to them.

When I was in high school one of my mates wore a Queensland Police Uniform shirt out on the Gold Coast and a cop stopped him and told him to take it off, impersonating an officer was the reasoning, not that my drunk, 18yo friend with board shorts and an oversized, untucked police shirt looked anything like a police officer.

I wonder if wearing these speedos would be considered ‘Impersonating a Police Officer’?

Police SpeedoPolice Speedos

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Dr. Phil

I wonder if these were designed for that specific purpose: i.e. if someone was wearing them on the beach somewhere, and a police officer came by and said that wasn’t allowed, the person would then have the choice of either continuing to wear them, or having to take them off immediately and then being nude, which would also be a crime…which would be a kind of hot premise for a porn, maybe? Hmm…

Still, I don’t think the police divers wear these under their wetsuits, which is all the more’s the pity, alas…!?! 😉

Tiffani Lyn Love

Nothing says lovin’ like a cock in uniform!
xoxo Tiffani

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