Prepare yourself for some changes!!!

Hey guys – I’m up early this morning – yes it is Monday here in New Zealand.  I’m going to head to the pool around 8am and I think I’ve got enuf ‘horny courage’ (perhaps cock courage should be the phrase) to try and make a subtle move on Tom.  I’m taking clothes to change into as this morning I’m going to have a shower after my swim (that is what Tom does most mornings).

When I get home hopefully I’ll be nice and relaxed and I’m going to spend the entire day working on the blog – as you can see this is a new template which I’ve been playing with for the last half hour.

Don’t worry – I’ll let you know how I go later today.

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Hi Dave,
It IS Looking Dave ,nice to have the comments side of it back.Hope it goes well
with tom.
Take care

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