Propose a name for my granny flat.

Just a nothing post here guys. I’m trying to get the time on the blog to match my time here.

That way if you see a post at 2am then it will explain the spelling errors.

Just a quiet day here – I finally got the wireless net connection up and running so I have internet in my bungalo (heheh – that is what I’m going to call it). Although I’m sure there is a better name for it – I think we need to get a better name for it. Place a comment here for what you think I should call my ‘granny flat’. I’ll put up a months subscription to ‘my site‘ for the name that I adopt (no limit to the number of names you can propose).

Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy so I’m going to give Matt a hand on some carpentry stuff in his garage/workshop (he has a tonne of tools and it is really well organised). Not sure how this gay/computer guy will go but I’m really keen to learn some stuff. If a name comes through in time I’ll ask Matt about making a sign wood thingy.

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


How can it be anything other than “The TOOL SHED”

Big Jay

here are some I came up with. I am not sure they would work by word of mouth or anything but they are names. I know some are probably kind of stupid but maybe you will like one.
Speedo Heaven, Daves Place, Thunder from Down Under, Speedo Daves Place, Speedo Haven, The Love Shack, The Speedo Shack, Hidden Treasures, Daves Villa, Speedo Villa, “Wankers” Paradise. I hope you get the last one by the Wank word. I hope you like one, but you might not, if I think of more I will post them.


Hi Dave,
Well it really is good to learn those carpentery
skils.It is handy to know,for when you have your own home.
My names for your bungalow,wounld be.
Cockadoldo not sure if i have spelt it right.
Daves shag nest.
Take care
ps weather here in wellington is mild.Soon to take
my dog for walk.


dave’s Den would be good…infers a place of where you work on ur hot speedo site and a place that you invite guys for hot fun be it a photo shoot or other activities


not sure you necessarily want to be advertising to everyone you meet that you are a speedo blogger, much as we love it!

No better name than Bertha…


Drawstring Manor

Check out