Purple Speedos

I’ve never owned, worn or ever seen a pair of purple speedos in the flesh.

I was thinking of buying some purple AussieBum club as a fun/funky speedo but I think I’m going to go with one of the cartoon Turbo speedo designs.

Any of you guys wear/own purple speedos?

I’ve got a stack of work to get back on top of so I think that instead of heading down to the pub I might behave myself tonight.  Could be quite strange not going out on a Friday……

Purple AussieBumsPurple Speedo in the ShowerPurple SpeedosPurple Swim Briefs

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


I wonder if some guys feel purple is associated with being gay. May be why you don’t see a lot of that color being worn. I still wear mine regardless and fuck anyone who doesn’t like that I do wear them

Dr. Phil

I have some nice Nike ones that are black with purple on the sides…I’ve worn them in public several times, certainly.

And, I am sure there are some mostly or all purple ones somewhere in the archive, so to speak…!?!


Purple was never my favorite speedo color or color of anything for that matter, but the right shade and cut on the right body can look fantastic. One look at that speedo stud in the last picture and I was fully erect in about 10 seconds.

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