Quiet long weekend.

First couple of weekends in June are crazy for me with long weekends.

Last weekend was a long weekend in the US (which is where my servers and stuff are so that messed me about). Then this weekend it is a public holiday here in New Zealand – which sucks because it was a crazy weekend with way too many tourists around and I didn’t bother going into the big smoke for some more fun with Antony. And next weekend is a public holiday in Australia – that one probably effects me the least.

I’m starting to get really pissed off that I haven’t finished my story BUT I’ve been sorting out 2 new photo shoots that have been sent to me (first one is of a hot 18yo guy from California stripping out of his wet suit) – it is one of the hottest non-speedo foto shoots I’ve seen.

Anyways – I do really want to finish off the story and hopefully I’ll do that tomorrow. I’m thinking of going for a drive down to Queenstown (about 6hrs drive) and crash with some friends down there. It is a real party town and I should be able to find some hot guys.

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