Quiet Saturday Morning

I know I haven’t posted since Wednesday (man Dave looks hot in his AussieBum’s and those beaches look very inviting – and Dave has a kewl name).

Been super busy as is the general trend for the last couple of weeks. Went snowboarding yesterday and caught up with Tony on the mountain, but today I’m working hard, I’ve been up since 8am and I’m sitting in bed trying to get my head above all this work (man I work hard for the members of SwimmerBoyz.com). It is an awesome day here today though so I think that this arvo I’m going to drive up into the foothills and go for a walk (ski hill is probably going to be pretty busy today with all the new snow we have gotten).

I’ve just re-added the link down the left side of the page with the personals ads – OutPersonals is a site that I personally use (it is the 25th most visited website on the web) so there are guys from everywhere. If you have a profile on there you never know who messages you – hehehe.

I’ll try and get this story of last weekend in Queenstown online ASAP.

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