Really cute speedo guy

Not much to post today so I thought I’d post this pic of a really cute speedo guy.

If anyone doesn’t think he is completely fuckable – please let me know – hahaha.

The weekend was a big one and more people turned up from Denver.  It is just after 2pm on Tuesday and I’m finally feeling normal without any effects from alcohol.

The next couple of days I have a bunch of catching up to do.  I have the 2nd new model from the photographer ‘Z’ to process (his first shoot was of Luke – and this shoot is awesome.  You’ll see some sample pics on here later this week.

Not much playing for me on the cards this week and I’m sure my liver will be appreciative.

Cute Speedo Guy

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Let me know what you are thinking.....

Dr. Phil

Definitely cute! I hope his foot is all right…it’d be awful to think one is making him smile like that while curling his toes and it’s hurting him! 😉


Yes, fuckable, and maybe I should take him home to make that foot all better 😉


Ouch Dave…………. and oh so right!!

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