Red Speedo’ing it up

Well guys, today is my last full day in Colorado, tomorrow I begin the 40 hour trip home.

As always, it has been a blast and Kip has been just a wonderful, wonderful host. Kip and I definitely had out ‘fill’ of each other.

I had a chance to fuck some very nice American guys and we did a bunch of snowboarding even though it didn’t really snow that much while I was here.

I’ve only been to the pool here once but I think from our snowboarding I’ve been burning some calories. Tomorrow though, I’m going to wear my red speedos to the pool. Last time I wore my new ADIDAS 3-stripes and I was the only person in speedos despite guys doing some lap swimming. I got looks from the life guards on duty, everyone who was in the pool area and lots of looks from guys in the locker room.

Classic Red Speedo

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red is very nice, but you would have got more comments and looks if you were to wear Bronco Orange speedos.
at the rec center.


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