Red Speedos

Nothing much happening today guys so I thought I’d post some red speedo photos.

I’ve been working with Mark on redoing the red speedos page on his website  He is an old friend and has been running Speedos Next Door for a few years. Kip and I help him out a bunch which kinda makes him a client.

We share some of our content (movies and pics) and Mark does some things differently compared to my site (  If you haven’t checked it out drop on over there and see what it is about – the red speedos page is looking good.

Cock Down in Red SpeedosCleaning the Pool in Red SpeedosRed ADIDAS SpeedosNice Red SpeedosRed Speedo CutieRed Speedos

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


I like red, I have a red sports car. and picture #1 would look great next to me in a red car.
its a dash of color that looks great against skin (buns).


Love those red speedos, love that hat…… those muscles……….love err well everything really.

Dr. Phil

#1 and #5 are the same guy, right? It’s interesting, because in the first photo, he almost looks like a hotter version of Joseph Gordon Levitt; but, not so much in #5. 😉

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