Ricky Martin in Speedos…. again.

Back in December I posted some pics of Ricky Martin on the beach doing a bit of a work out in his speedos.

Well here are some more – I’m not the biggest Ricky Martin fan in the world I can promise you but ANY celeb wearing speedos has to get points from me.

Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin Speedo
Ricky Martin SpeedosSpeedo Ricky Martin

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Let me know what you are thinking.....

Al - Mex in NYC

Hey!… Totally agree. Though come on! even if he weren’t famous I would have given him more than some points.. He looks gorgeous..
Thanks for the pics.. and so proud that you had that much fun down in Mexico. I was just down there in Puerto Vallarta and I was really surprised about how many speedos you could see on the (gay) beach. Totally recomended. Take care


awesome pics i came across the site a couple days ago and i was exploring i was wondering did you ever finish the speedo waiter story if so please e-mail me it

squaddie John

HI Dave,

Love your pictures. Glad you’re having a good summer.

Have a look at mine on my website and also maybe my other pages.

cheers from London

squadddie John


Gosh little Ricky has grown up to be a fine looking man!

It seems like yesterday that he was singing his heart out with those little Munudo Boys. Then his party days in D.F. when he was doing the telenovela, Alcanzar una Estrella, or “To Reach a Star.” LOTS of storeys floating around the boys in D. F. about Ricky “experimenting”.


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