Ryan Lochte

I’m up early this morning again – I’m such a good boy aren’t I.

Today I’ve got some chores to do and then I’m going to head 2hrs south to Colorado Springs.  Kip is in Denver for the weekend doing some family stuff and since Breckenridge is dead I thought I’d get out of town.

I’ve got a str8 friend who lives down there and we’ll do some bike riding, some drinking, some partying and hopefully meet some pretty girls.

Last night when I was in bed early something came on TV about this guy Ryan Lochte – I am soooo slack knowing my Olympic Swimmers these days but with Tom Daly of the UK and now this guy Ryan Lochte – I am going to start paying more attention.

This guy is cute, he seems like a bunch of fun and a guy I’d actually like to party with.  I don’t think he TV is worth watching but he definitely is.

Swimmer Lochte Partying in SpeedosRyan Lochte SpeedoRyan LochteRyan Lochte with Girls in Speedos

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


Hope he’s a grower ‘cos he sure ain’t a shower!!!


Yeah . . . he’s about as bright as a piece of 4 x 2 . . .


That’s an insult to lumber

Steve R

He might be a bottom… We can hope anyway.
Chad Le Clos isn’t bad either.

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