Sandor Earl

Sandor Earl is someone I had never heard of before.  But this 21yo professional footballer is going to be in my dreams tonight!!!

Somehow I came across some pics of him this morning and I’ve been looking him up.  He is a part time underwear model – nothing mentioned about his sexuality but I’m sure his team mates give him a hard time.

Actually I just read that his team mates call him ‘Princess’ because of his underwear work.

I tell you what – I’m sure he’ll be getting some comments in the scrum about these shots.  Anyone got a speedo like this?  I think it is CockSox.

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Dr. Phil said,  

Haven’t heard of him previously, but I’ll be on the lookout for him now! Wow…

Those might be Joe Snyder as well…some of their stuff is very similar to Cocksox, but I suspect you may be right. I’m sure both of us wish we could get close enough to inspect the labels ourselves, preferably without using our hands! 😉

jb44 said,  

Talk about “Just Right” Damn!!!

Matt Lenzman said,  

Definitely Cocksox, shot by photog Pedro Virgil.

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