Santa Speedo Run

To everyone in the southern hemisphere, Merry Xmas.

Only Xmas eve here and it is kinda wintery with overcast skies and a few flurries.  I just spoke with a friend on the Central NSW Coast (nearly 9am there) and he said it was overcast there as well.  Bit of a shame but he said they were having a good summer thus far.

I was wondering, did anyone do an Xmas Santa Speedo Run this year?  I didn’t hear a whole lot about it but this is something that I think I need to do.  I’m not sure where I’ll be next Xmas but if I’m in the US, I think I really should do this – being the speedo enthusiast that I am of course.

If anyone did, post some pics over on

Have a great day to all my mates in Australia and tomorrow I’ll wish all my Nth American friends a merry Xmas.

Santa Speedo Run
The Santa Speedo Run
Speedo Run

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