Saturday night in Christchurch

My ‘hosts’ (2 chick friends of mine who are uni students) have been out all day so I’ve been working hard.

Bit of a waste considering it is 20degrees and some light cloud cover outside – I should be out there skateboarding or running or swimming somewhere in my speedos. Thinking of which – there is a huge public indoor pool about 2 blocks from here – I might go and check out if it is open tomorrow.

Hopefully I’m leaving here on Monday for the 2hr drive to my new home for 6 months – I have organised a spare room/granny flat at some old friends place so I am all set. My car is in the garage and I’m told it will be ready Monday by midday BUT I’ve never know a machanic to be on time.

I have to cook up dinner tonight (BBQ – sausages, steak marinated in honey teryaki – I know that isn’t how you spell it – some mashed potatoes and some salad). So I better be off to it.

As a side note (I’ll write more about this tomorrow or Monday morning) – I’m sponsoring an online speedo forum – anyone who registers and posts a ‘G’day’ message recieves a FREE 2 day membership to my site. I’ll explain more about this when I have more time but hopefully it can be a place where we can all share some speedo experiences.

And keep the comments coming guys – I love to hear your comments.

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Big Jay

Dave I hope you enjoy your stay there for the next six months and get into plenty of speedo fun for us to read. I really like your idea about the forum.


Hi Dave,
Well once again welcome to New Zealand.And have a great time.This speedo froum sounds great i hope i enter,and did it right.Yes its good to have a froum where other guys can talk about speedos.
I have bought a new pair of blue speedos tyr not bad for $34.00 New Zealand,dont bad for the price.So theu will be worn for the first time today.
It was really good to see a bit more of you.You look a great guy.
Well really enjoy My beautiful counrty New Zealand
i love it here dave.
Wellington is a calm day today.
All the best dave and enjoy

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