Sex toys for Will

I just got back from town after dropping off my buddies to the airport and I had a successful mission at the adult store.


Hand Cuffs


Anal BeadsI was a bit nervous considering what I was intending on purchasing but the girl who was in the store was really nice and didn’t make me feel like the pervert that I thought I was.

Cock ringMy idea for this shop was to knock off the letter K in the alphabet game with KINKY.  And my long term goal is to fuck Will arse which he is warming to but I’m going to have to take it slowly.

I needed handcuffs – I bought 2 pairs one for his hands and one pair for his wrists.

I saw a really kewl cock ring which was made of the same kind of leather and since I’m keen to tease the hell out of Will tonight I pick that up as well.

Now keeping on the idea of kinky gay sex I bought a ball gag – I’ve never tried one of these before and I’m quite excited about it to say the least.

And finally I bought some anal beads – I LOVE ANAL BEADS myself and if Will isn’t keen on them I’m sure I’ll get some use out of them.  Ow and I also topped up my condom supply with some ribbed (I love ribbed) condoms.

And that is it guys – I am ROCK HARD HORNY right now but I’ve got another 9hrs before Will gets home from work…. I just hope I can last.

Ball gag

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


Hot damn – u r a guy after my own heart.

Now a hot boy cuffed in the corner in his speedo is about my ultimate desire!


that is f*****g amazing

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