Sex with Canadian boys….

You guys will never guess who emailed me today…

C’mon guess.

I hope you guessed that the person is Will. For those new to my blog – Will was my room mate last northern winter in Canada – he was a cute, dark blonde Aussie guy who was having trouble exploring a side of his sexuality that he didn’t quite know existed. You can read about what Will and I got up to by clicking here.

Will was saying that he is thinking of heading back to Canada this coming winter for his uni holidays. If he does come it will be from the end of November (when the resort opens) until the beginning of March.

I think perhaps another winter in Canada would be good fun with Will as my room mate again – what do you guys think?

Today I’m going to start looking at accommodation options – I don’t quite have enuf money to pay for flights (I just bought 220 pairs of white speedos remember) so I might have to see if I can work with Matt here for the next month or so. Darn I wish I had a sugar daddy – hehehe.

I was leaning towards going back to Australia for the summer which would have been nice and cheap but going back to Canada would have been a bit tougher but I’m sure I can work it out in the next 6 weeks.

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