Shitty Colour Speedos

Bit of a grey old Saturday afternoon here on the Australian Central East Coast which is a bit of a bummer.  Not a whole lot happening so I’ve spent most of the day at the coal face.

After selling maybe half of my speedo collection last week I am in the market for some new speedos, probably more ‘classic’ speedos than what I got rid of I think.

One thing I won’t be buying are speedos of the colours below – they are just horrible!!!

The guys are gorgeous so is anyone really complaining?

Green SpeedoYellow SpeedosOdd Colour of SpeedosPink SpeedoErection in Yellow Speedo

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4 Comments on "Shitty Colour Speedos"

Let me know what you are thinking.....

john dee

The pink ones are OK but as for the rest they are a bit naff on good bodies


Yellow’s not my favorite color either, but the others look great and don’t pick on the guy in the stars and stripes LOL

Bill Christie

I have no problem with the yellow. The guys look really good in that color. I think that too many viewing guys are drawn to what they think of as their favorite color. It makes people less open-minded.

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