Six pack abs

Today has been a pretty quiet day here in the Colorado mountains.

Last night Kip and I were doing some work on the blog and I’ve fixed a couple of things (do you guys like the header?) but we broke a couple of things at the same time.  So if you see this doing some weird things don’t worry we are on to it.

Today we were up at 7am, had pancakes for breakfast then went for a snowboard.  Hot tub on the way home and we were back sitting infront of our laptops by 11am.  We were only wearing speedos and a towel which I’ve decided is the new uniform for any of my staff – hehehe.  I think that is a good policy – speedos only.

I’ve got to start planning how I’m getting from here up to Canada (Will has already arrived) and I better get up there.  I’m not quite sure how I’m going to do it just yet – flying is too boring so I’ll try and drive somehow.

Since I’ve been good at posting speedo pictures lately I’m going to keep it up.  What do you think about this guys abs?

Six pack abs

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